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Welcome to Divorce Mediation of New Jersey. 
Different reasons may have led you to this site. 

Maybe you or a loved one is considering divorce but want to avoid the financial, emotional and physical toll of litigation. Maybe you are already involved in a divorce and are ready for a better, less destructive way to end the marriage.  If you and your partner agree on this goal, you are excellent candidates for our Divorce Mediation Services

Maybe you have a spouse that won’t participate in mediation, but still want the constructive, family-centered approach it offers.  Maybe you just want a professional to provide you with the perspective and feedback that your therapist or attorney doesn’t provide. For those individuals, we offer our Coaching Services.  We work with our coaching clients on a one-to-one basis to provide them with information, strategies and support for divorce and related relationship issues.

Not sure about divorce but know that you need to stop living with your spouse?  We can help you work out the terms of a Separation Agreement for your mutual benefit during this period.  We can similarly help you work out the terms of a Pre-Nuptial Agreement, Living Together Agreement or similar agreement to help you avoid disputes altogether. 

Whichever service you choose, you will find our style to be warm, empathetic and non-judgmental.  We take time to listen to you, to make sure we understand your needs, concerns and priorities.  We go at your pace.  We try to stay within your comfort zone. 

No agreements reached or documents drafted here are binding on you until you’ve had the opportunity to discuss and review them with independent legal counsel.

 We’ve created a fair and user-friendly business model.  We generally require no retainer or other up-front money, and work on a pay as you go basis.  Most checks and credit cards are accepted. We have evening and weekend appointments available.

Please visit our FAQ page to read more information about how we work and the services we provide or visit our Contact page if you have any further questions.


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